Easy databases backups with Dabcup

Multi databases Dabcup is a software to manage your database backups. Dabcup can dumps several type of datababes, and send these dumps on several storages. PostgreSQL and MySQL are supported and more databases will be supported in the future.
Multi sotrages Dabcup can send your backups to a FTP server, a SFTP server and to AWS-S3 service of amazon.
Spare storage For carefully people dabcup sends dumps to a spare storage. If the main storage isn't unvailable while restoring, then dabcup automatically retrieves the dump from the spare storage.
Permutations Dabcup supports permutations rules. You just need to define some conditions like the maximun age and dabcup will remove outdated dumps.
Download Dabcup Download Dabcup and get the latest version 0.1. Dabcup is a free software under the Ruby license.
Questions ? Don't hesitate to post any questions, feedbacks or suggestions on the forum.